Toyota Lease-End Options

When a vehicle you leased from Advantage Toyota Valley Stream is nearing the end of its lease term, you’re likely wondering what options you have; fortunately, you have a several. Below is the process you should follow during the final 90 days of your lease. We listed options relating to various situations to enable you to have an easy, stress-free end-of-lease experience.

Lease a New Toyota

The most common pick among options with drivers is to go from one’s current lease to another lease of a new Toyota vehicle. Make sure you let us know your plan before you come in, to enable us to have all of the current offers and incentives ready for you. What you’ll need to do is let us inspect the leased vehicle you’re returning here in our service center to see if it passes our Wear and Use Guidelines. If you’ll have to make any repairs, do so; most of them should be covered by your warranty. Afterward, we’ll arrange a turn in date and time to get you into a new Toyota lease.

Purchase Your Current Toyota

The option of purchasing your leased Toyota vehicle is also available. You should contact us before your lease term is up; we’ll be happy to discuss your options. We’ll discuss your leased vehicle’s payoff amount and the financed amount that remains on your Toyota. You won’t have to worry about an inspection or additional Wear and Use Guidelines, because you’ll be taking ownership of the vehicle.

You also have the option of turning in your vehicle and not leasing or purchasing a new one; this option is subject to Wear and Use Guidelines.

If you’d like to hear more about our lease-end options for Toyota vehicles here at Advantage Toyota Valley Stream, feel free to contact us today via phone, text, chat, or any of our social media channels. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, and set up test drives at your convenience.