The New 2020 RAV4 is The Best Toyota SUV For Your Next Road Trip

September 29th, 2020 by

New Toyota SUV

The new Toyota RAV4 has an assortment of impressive features that make this Toyota SUV one of the most dynamic and universal vehicles for a road trip in the line-up. The Incredibly sporty and sleek design makes it look great on the highway or driving through the trails to your favorite campsite. No matter what the terrain Is the Toyota RAV4 will get you there with its ground clearance of over eight inches you’ll be able to easily maneuver through rocks, debris, desert hills, etc. When you are getting through rougher terrain you are now able to use multi-terrain select from mug and sand or rock and dirty for when your destination is in the Mountains or desert its got you covered. Though it is one of the smaller Toyota SUVs it can fit up to five passengers and has ample storage to hold all of your gear and luggage on your road trip with the easy hands-free power liftgate packing for your trip will be easier than ever. This choice would be great for a small family or a couple of friends for your next road trip and if you have any more questions let us know the Advantage Toyota team would be more than happy to help.

1. The Interior
One of the best parts of a family road trip is relaxing in a comfortable seat and hanging out with friends and family. In the new RAV4, you can ride in style and relax under the panoramic glass rood where you can look out and experience the beautiful night sky while driving through the desert or enjoying the sun in the summer. The driver can expect an extremely comfortable experience with the heated and cooled driver and passenger seats, also available is the SofTex-trimmed seating that is made of premium materials for the ultimate comfort. You can also make sure you have an incredibly relaxing road trip with interior ambient lighting that provides the right mood for any adventure. If your passengers in the back are pickier about the climate they can rest assured that they have their own dual-zone climate controlled rear vents allowing them to set it to their preferred climate. Don’t know where to put all of your gadgets and gas station snacks on your road trips? Well with the intuitive storage tray and passenger shelf you can make sure you have enough space to store the snacks and gadgets for everyone.

2. The Exterior
The RAV4 has had a few distinctive model designs over the years but recently the new design of the Toyota RAV4 has had an incredible upgrade to one of the most sporty designs in an SUV. It has one of the most distinctive designs in an SUV on the road with its muscular fenders on all four corners elevating its attitude. There is also the TRD Off-Road option which has a styling difference to a dark off-road SUV that is ready for anything you throw at it. It includes dark-grey front and rear lower fascias, LED fog lights, and black accents. Includes matte-black 18-inch TRD alloy wheels that make this RAV4 stand out the most from the RAV4 trims. This unique trim is one of the most stylish off-roading vehicles. When you are loading up for your road trip do not forget about the hands-free power liftgate that allows you to easily get all of your gear and luggage in without having to worry about setting things on the ground to open your liftgate.

3. Performance
The performance on the new RAV4 makes this one of the best Toyota SUVs for a road trip because of the Multi-Terrain Select feature that comes standard in AWD models. This feature lets the driver switch between different types of terrain like snow, sand, first, and mud allowing your road trip to go further than you thought you would. An adventurous road trip is not completed with a little off-roading and this is the perfect Toyota SUV for that. The TRD Off-Road capabilities allow you and your family to know you’re safe and capable when navigating in your RAV4 when you get off the beaten path. Available in the dynamic torque vectoring AWD with rear driveline disconnect which enhances responsiveness and stability and allows for a boost in fuel efficiency helping stabilize you and your wallet. There is also an option for driving models when it comes to the RAV4’s dynamics they can match your mood with SPORT, ECO, and NORMAL. Each mode allowing for a different performance to what you are looking for whether you are on the highway and you want to conserve gas with ECO or want a little power on your way to work you can go with SPORT.

Here at Advantage Toyota, we want to make sure you pick the vehicle that is correct for you and your lifestyle. The new Toyota RAV4 is such a dynamic and sporty vehicle that makes it perfect for a family road trip or just hanging out with friends on the weekend. With its duality, the RAV4 is one of the most dynamic and multifunctional SUVs in the Toyota lineup. Our sales professionals here at Advantage Toyota will make sure we find the perfect model, trim, and color for you. If you have any questions about the new RAV4 please feel free to contact us or stop by at our dealership today!

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