NY State Inspections

Throughout the year, all drivers who own a vehicle in the state of New York must have their cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers inspected. It’s important because doing so ensures that one’s vehicle is road-safe and ready; vehicles that haven’t been inspected can face tickets and fines. Here at Advantage Toyota in Valley Stream, NY we can provide you with a New York State inspection via our Toyota service center. Your vehicle requires a yearly check to ensure that it remains safe and reliable.

When should I get my vehicle inspected?

Your vehicle needs to be inspected every 12 months. You should come in the month designated on your inspection sticker, found on the front windshield of your vehicle. If you have a sticker that’s past due, oh brother! You can expect fines up to $100, depending on how long you go without the inspection. Also, if the ownership of a vehicle is transferred in a sale, your vehicle must be inspected. That’s where we can help you.

For your reference, we’ve put together a list of things that will be inspected on your car or truck when you bring it in to our team of maintenance and service professionals, so you’ll have an idea of what to expect.

What We Inspect During Your NY State Inspection

Our team pours over major components of your vehicle to confirm that they’re operating and remain up to snuff. This includes:

  • Seat belts: We inspect them for function and anchorage, and ensure that no seat belt is missing.
  • Air bag warning lamp: We test to confirm that this magic lamp is working correctly; if it isn’t, we notify you to have it repaired.
  • Mirrors: We check mirrors for cracks, breaks, and discoloration, and confirm that they’re properly mounted. We want you to be able to see clearly whether or not the rain has gone.
  • Brakes: We remove one tire to test your brakes along and all components of your braking system. We check for cracks and leaks; if there are any (yikes!) we notify you and offer expert brake repair. ( Dems da brakes .)
  • Lights: We test all lights in the vehicle – both interior and exterior – for function and ensure that they’re properly mounted.
  • Windshield: We check to make sure your windshield is properly mounted and in good condition. (You don’t want an improperly-mounted windshield; trust us.)
  • Tires: We ensure that all of your vehicle’s tires have enough groove space for proper tread; they’re also tested for knots and bulges that can restrict their functionality.
  • Chassis, Front End, Steering, Suspension: Our team inspects all of these components to see if there are any breaks, cracks, or rust. We also check Shock Absorbers and Torsion Bars on suspension, and Steering Linkages to ensure that all is in working order. (Whew!)

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New York State Emissions Inspection

Along with our routine inspection of all your vehicle’s working parts. New York State requires an emission inspection for most vehicles. If your vehicle is diesel power and over 8,500 pounds and registered in the New York metropolitan area, with counties like Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, and Westchester, you have to undergo an annual emissions inspection.

Along with that, we conduct On-Board Diagnostics on vehicles under 8,500 pounds that are model year 1996 or newer, which ensures your check engine light is working, as well as other diagnostic systems on your vehicle.

Vehicles that are model year 1995 or older and have emission control devices like a catalytic converter, exhaust gas recirculation valve and more are also subject to testing to see that they meet emissions standards.

If you’re confused with that, don’t worry because our team here at Advantage Toyota will walk you through the process and let you know which category your vehicle falls into.

Schedule an inspection today

Here at Advantage Toyota, we are here to perform inspections any time. Drivers can benefit from our inspection, especially Toyota drivers, because we have the latest tools and equipment to keep your vehicle quality as high as possible, and know all the inner workings of your ride.

Contact us online or by phone to schedule a time for your vehicle to be inspected, and we can get you in and out as soon as possible, and provide you with another year of inspected, and safe driving throughout New York.