Lease vs Buy

Benefits of Leasing and Buying
Choose the Option That is Best for You

Drivers who stop in to Advantage Toyota know that they're given many different stellar options when it comes to finding their next new vehicle. Choosing between all our different options like sedans, crossovers, hybrids, SUVs and trucks with the help of our friendly and accommodating staff is all part of the process here in Valley Stream, NY and with our selection, we're sure you'll find the right one. When it comes to next steps like leasing and financing, you face another question: should you buy, or should you lease? What are the benefits to both? What's right for me? We're here to answer all those questions too.

What are the Benefits of Buying a New Toyota?

When you decide that you're going to buy, there's lots of benefits. You know you're immediately the owner of the vehicle, and it works out for people who know they can get the most out of their ride. Some other factors include:

  • Owning a vehicle means you're not subject wear and use guidelines that a leased vehicle would be, and you won't be charged or have to fix any repairs. Of course, you should always ensure your vehicle is in full operating condition with the help of our service team, but you have more flexibility about it when you buy, as you own the vehicle.
  • That flexibility also means you don't have a mileage restriction either, which come on leases, so you can go wherever you please and not worry about the odometer.
  • When you decide to purchase, your payments are made over a set period of time, and when they're done, you fully own the vehicle and have no more payments. That's convenient for a lot of people.

What are the Benefits of Leasing a New Toyota?

Leasing is quite popular, and beneficial for many drivers in Valley Stream. You have guidelines, but there's lots of flexibility in terms of monthly payments, while also giving you a reliable ride for a short amount of time, which plenty of people like. Some of those benefits include:

    With lease payments, you often find a lower monthly payment than when you go to purchase a vehicle.
  • After your lease period is done, generally every three years, you can be flexible and enter a new lease with a new Toyota, purchase your leased vehicle as its remaining value, or walk away from the lease.
  • There's also the backing of a factory warranty throughout the lease terms so you're covered with our service center.

Advantage Toyota Valley Stream is Here to Help

The truth of the matter is both options have different advantages for different people, and it's all a matter of which you prefer based on a series of factors. No matter which route you choose when you buy or lease a new Toyota from us, buying or leasing is going to provide you with a standout vehicle, and a plan that works best for your finances, as our team makes sure you know all the options, and can pick from multiple plans.

Estimate Your Monthly Payment

Our team would be happy to provide you with more details, so feel free to contact us at Advantage Toyota as we can explain the benefits to you in greater detail along with our many Advantage Value packages that are offered on our vehicles to buy or lease today.


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